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Class Profile

The classroom profile allows a teacher and their teacher mentor to create a classroom profile which helps highlight the strengths and needs of his/her students as a class and on an individual student basis. From the class profile, an instructional plan is developed to highlight the teacher's strategies and key assessments. ( more... )

Student Listing

The student listing is a dynamic list of student data that is customizable to whatever the user wants to see. The user can filter data on specific criteria, display the fields they want and sort it to group related data. ( more... )

Student Profile

The student profile is about a single student and how they're achieving through the year. It gives their attendance, marks, archive, Fountas and Pinnell data all in one easy to read location. A Student Path can be created to highlight a student and teacher's goals for the student and lists the steps it's going to take to get there. ( more... )