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Fill Down

Putting in the first value then click F↓ on the toolbar you can then change any one off scores

Missing Email Reports in EGP 4.1

The ability to email out reports to parents can be a huge time saver. Easy Grade Pro is looking at dropping these features so they have hidden them. They can still be accessed by Option click @ on the toolbar

Emailing Reports

Click the @ on the toolbar or go to File --> Internet/Edline Set the Action to Email Student Reports You only need to set these settings once per year (gradebook)

  • Email To
    • Check Student Email Address
  • Email Setup
    • Teacher’s Name – Your name (ie Mr. Smith)
    • Teacher Name for Email – same as above
    • SMTP Server – fc.sd59.bc.ca
    • Override default SMTP port – 2525
  • This is only required if you want to send from home
    • Check SMTP Server Require Authentication
  • Account ID – Your username (ie tsmith)
    • Password – Your email password

Importing from eServices

To save typing in student names and email addresses you can import class lists from eServices.

  • Log into eServices (https://eservices.sd59.bc.ca/)
  • Click on District Student Planning Database
  • Click the Cogwheel folder next to your class to get a context menu then select Easy Grade Pro List. This can be done for each next to each class you want to import into Easy Grade Pro
  • Download (https://eservices.sd59.bc.ca/eServices.epi)
  • Place the eServices.epi file into MacHD:Applications:Easy Grade Pro:Plugins
  • You may need to restart Easy Grade Pro
  • In Easy Grade Pro, click File --> Import
  • Click the Other Formats Tab
  • Click eServices
  • Click Next
  • Click New Class
  • Put in the Class Name you may also want to put the section number in select the correct terms
  • Click Imported Selected
  • Click Ok

You can click Yes to import more class if you’d like

Drop grade

Click the Assignment tab Click change the status each assignment that it would be possible to drop to Can Be Dropped This will drop the one most damaging mark Any dropped mark will have a little ‘d’ in the top left corner

Drop From One Category or Drop More Than One You can also tell it that it has to be form one category or up to 4 Do the above steps Go to Edit --> Class Options Click the Category tab Change the Dropping/Extra Credit to Drop to X Scores

Extra Credit

Either you can create a category or set individual assignments as extra credit

Extra Credit Category

Go to Edit --> Class Options Click the Category tab Change the Dropping/Extra Credit to Extra Credit Note this will change the name of the category If you are using weighting you can set the max percentage they can get from extra credit