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Accessing the IEP Database

Note: Once you log into eServices once, you can bookmark

Managing Students

Adding a Student to Your School's List

There are two ways to add a student:

  • Import the student from BCeSIS
  • Manually add the student

Import Student from BCeSIS

  • From the Student List, click BCeSIS Import
  • Click Enter Find Mode
  • Type in part of the student's name
  • Click Excute Find
  • If the student is not there he/she will have to be entered manually
  • Click Import
  • Make sure the data is correct and click Save

Manually Enter a Student

  • From the Student List, click Create Student
  • Enter all the info about a student
  • Click Save

Import Student from BCeSIS that Cross Enrolled

  • If this student has an IEP in the other school, this student needs to entered as a manual entry

Note: the student number is the most import piece of information on this window. Once the student is created this field can not be changed.

Releasing a Student to a Different School

  • In the Student List, click Edit' next to the student's name
  • Change the school drop-down to their new school
  • Click Save

Deactivating a Student

  • In the Student List, click Edit' next to the student's name
  • Click Active Status button

This sets the status to 'N'

  • Click Save

Reactivate a Student

  • Import the student through the BCeSIS Import. This will restore all their pass IEPs.

Creating an IEP

Creating a Brand New IEP

  • Find the student you would like to add an IEP for in the Student List
  • Click IEPs next to the student's name
  • Click the button for the appropriate type of IEP
  • Fill in the boxes for the IEP
    • For a modified IEP note that there are multiple pages which need to have data entered.

Creating a New Term of an Existing IEP

  • Find the student you would like to add an IEP for in the Student List
  • Click IEPs next to the student's name
  • Find the IEP which needs to copied for the new term
  • Click Duplicate next to that IEP
    • A new IEP of the same time with today's date will show up
  • Click Show next to that IEP
  • Update the data in the IEP reflect the changes being made to the student educational plan


I am trying to import a student that is not in the list

The BCeSIS Import data at the time of writing is only updated manually about once a week. There are plans to automate the process so it happens daily.

  • In BceSIS (Not the BCeSIS Import of the IEP database) lookup the student's student number
  • Add the student manually.

I am trying to import a student that has the wrong school listed

There are a couple of reasons why the student has the wrong school listed.

  • He/She could be cross-enrolled in another school
    • Either the other school needs to release him/her to you or you will have to create a duplicate student record by manually adding the student.
  • The student transferred into my school from another school in our district
    • You need need to request that the other school releases to your school.

I am trying to print but the bottom of some of the words is being cut off

  • Click the Apply button.
    • When you're in edit mode it clips the bottoms of words. Clicking Apply saves your work and gives to a clean print job

I am trying to print an IEP out of Safari but the menu prints up on the right side

In the print dialog box change the scale to 135%

I am trying to remove the URL that it print out at the top or bottom of the page


  • Go to File --> Print
Change all the Page Header and Page Footer drop downs to None


  • Go to File --> Print
Uncheck the box for Print Page headers and footers