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FreeRadius Manager is a web interface for FreeRadius. FreeRadius has been configured to work with Apple's Airport Extreme stations to provide a way to authenticate computers logging into School District 59's wireless network. The database is replicated throughout the district to increase reliability and decrease login times into the airports.

FreeRadius Manager 1.0

FreeRadius Manager 1.0 was the initial project of just keeping track of inventory and controlling which computers could log in.

FreeRadius Manager 1.1

FreeRadius Manager 1.1 is the natural progression which expanded the capabilities of of FreeRadius Manager to handle Work Orders. It keeps track of the status of repairs and allows the history to easily be looked up on any computer. Whenever a computer is sent for repairs it is automatically disabled. And has to re-activated upon return to service. [/index.php?title=Special:Upload&wpDestFile=Test.txt Media:test.txt]

The Menu

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Menu.jpg FreeRadius Menu.jpg]

Menu Name Description
Home Takes you back to the main search / login page
Administration Admin page for library settings and importing
Change Password Change your login password
Logout Log out and return to main search page
Computer List View and edit computers
Awaiting Distribution List of computers at the Resource Centre that haven't been assigned
Open Repair List List of repairs that have not been completed
Complete Repair List List of all repairs (completed or not)
Control Lists
School List View and edit locations of staff and computers
Access Point List View and edit the list of access points
Access Point List View and edit the list of access points
Group Access List View and edit groups of computers and assign which airports they can access
Replica List View and edit the addresses of replicas. This also allows manual and full replications to be ran on one or all replicas
Menu Editor edit the side menu
Transaction Log View the transaction log of what has been done in FreeRadius Manger
Access Log View the access log of all computers in the district.


Button Description Button Description

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Post.gif FreeRadius Button Post.gif]

Create new record

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Previous.gif FreeRadius Button Previous.gif]

Go to Previous page

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Update.gif FreeRadius Button Update.gif]

Update record

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Next.gif FreeRadius Button Next.gif]

Go to Next page

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_View.gif FreeRadius Button View.gif]

View record

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Tree_Expand.gif FreeRadius Button Tree Expand.gif]

Expanded Tree List

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Delete.gif FreeRadius Button Delete.gif]

Delete record

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Tree_Hidden.gif FreeRadius Button Tree Hidden.gif]

Hidden Tree List

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Assign.gif FreeRadius Button Assign.gif]

Assign computer to user

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Replicate.gif FreeRadius Button Replicate.gif]

Preform manual full replication on replica

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif]

Create a work order for a computer

Computer List

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Computer.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Computer.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Computer.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Computer List

This is a list of every computer in the district. Any information about a computer's specs can be brought up here.

Use the search box to search for a specific computer by barcode, mac address, assigned user, school. The order can be changed by clicking column heading. The order is reversed if it is clicked a second time. For the mac address it will cycle through both the ethernet and airport addresses as well as the ascending and descending orders.

The group that it is assigned to determines, which airports the computer is allowed to access.

Create Computer

By using the Create button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Post.gif FreeRadius Button Post.gif]) will loose any saved information being updated on a computer. Fill in all the info that you can, the more that is in there, the better. At a minimum you need a barcode, ethernet address, username, school and group. If it is a Mac, it's easier and fast to run the Radius Registration script. See [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Registration Registration].

Update Computer

Updating a computer is as simple as clicking the update button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Update.gif FreeRadius Button Update.gif]). The page will scroll to the bottom and fill in the boxes with the info about the computer. Modify the info as needed and click the update computer button.

Submit Repair

Click the repair button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif]). Fill in the repair window. See [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Repair Repair]

Delete Computer

To delete a computer you much be an administrator in the system. Computer usually shouldn't be deleted just disabled. To delete it, click the delete button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Delete.gif FreeRadius Button Delete.gif]) and click OK to the warning.

Repair List

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Repair_By_Computer.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Repair By Computer.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Repair_By_Computer.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Repair List By Computer

Update Computer

Clicking the Update Button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Update.gif FreeRadius Button Update.gif]) beside a computer will take you to the computer page to update the computer.

Submitting Repair

Clicking the Repair Button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif]) will pop up a window for you to create a repair on that computer. See [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Repair Repair].

Expanding List

Click the ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Tree_Hidden.gif FreeRadius Button Tree Hidden.gif]) to expand the list to see all the repairs that have been made on that computer. By clicking the Update button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Update.gif FreeRadius Button Update.gif]) beside a repair will being up the work order to be viewed or edited.

To hide the list click the ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Tree_Expand.gif FreeRadius Button Tree Expand.gif]).


[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Submit_Repair.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Submit Repair.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Submit_Repair.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Submit Repair

Submitting a Repair

There are several ways to submit a repair

Submit Repair via Submit Repair on Menu

On the Submit Repair window from the menu, type the barcode of the computer into the barcode box. Either click out of the box or tab to the next field. This will fill in the info about the computer into most of the fields. Type a detailed description of the problem and click Create Repair.

Note: If you're wanting to add a comment about the computer you must first type in your note in the box and click Update Computer before clicking Create Repair.

Submit Repair via clicking Repair Button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif])

The repair window fills in most of the information for you. All you need to do is typing the problem and hit submit. As always, be as descriptive as possible.

As a side note, once you hit submit the computer automatically has its group changed to On Repair and shows up on the open repair lists so the Tech Shop is expecting it to show up.

So the only job left for you to do it put it in the district mail and put a label on it that says Tech Shop.

Open Repair List

The open repair list only shows work orders that are still active. By clicking the Update Button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif]) it will pop up the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Completing_a_Repair details] of the work order for you to fill in.

Complete Repair List

The complete repair list is similar to the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Open_Repair_List Open Repair List] except that it shows all work orders active and completed. This allows a repair to be reopened that was accidentally closed or will give a general idea of what computers have been sent in for repairs continuously or who has been sending them in. By clicking the Update Button ([/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Button_Repair.gif FreeRadius Button Repair.gif]) it will pop up the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Completing_a_Repair details] of the work order for you to fill in.

Completing a Repair

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Complete_Repair.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Complete Repair.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Complete_Repair.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Completing a Repair

As a Tech at the Tech Shop, you will see computers coming in on [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Open_Repair_List Open Repair List]. The top half of the form is the info on the computer the bottom half is about what the problem is and what has been done to it.

As the person repairing the computer it, all you have to fill out is the resolution and change the status accordingly. Always remember to click update when you're done making changes.

Once the status is changed to repaired or not repairable, the repair job will disappear out of the repair list. It is always available through the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Complete_Repair_List Complete Repair List]. If it's repaired then it's ready to go to the Resource Centre. Once they receive it, they will mark it as [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Awaiting_Distribution Awaiting Distribution].

Receive Computer

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Complete_Receive.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Complete Receive.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Complete_Receive.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Receiving a Computer

Receiving a computer is pretty simple. Select from the drop down where you are. Click in barcode box and scan or type in each barcode. It will mark each computer as received and it'll even show a pretty little message that it said that the computer has been received.

If the computer is getting received by the Tech Shop it will change the status of the repair to received. If the computer is getting received by the Resource Centre then it will change the computer group to Awaiting Distribution, make sure that all repairs are closed on the computer and put the computer in the list of computers awaiting distribution.

Assigning a Computer

There are several ways to assign a computer to a person.

  1. Manually change the registration in the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Update_Computer Update Computer] window.
  2. Run the [/index.php/Radius_Documentation#Registration Registration] Script on the computer
  3. Use the Assign Computer window

The first one is the only one I don't recommend. First of all, it's the slowest since you have to go find the computer. The Second one, is great because it makes sure that the info about the computer is up-to-date but can some times be annoyance to always run. So the third is the great compromise.

Assign Computer

[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Assign_Computer.jpg File:175px-FreeRadius Assign Computer.jpg]
[/index.php/File:FreeRadius_Assign_Computer.jpg File:Magnify-clip.png]
Image: Assigning a Computer

Type in the barcode of the computer, it will fill in the info about the computer in the barcode box. Type the name of the user in the username box, selecting the person from the popup list. Selecting person from the list has two benefits, it will automatically fill in the school for you and when the person moves from one school to another their school will be be updated once a year.

Select the school if it isn't already selected. Select a group, normally this is General Staff. Click Submit. Now the computer will be activated on the radius.