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SD59 Technology Support Portal is the ideal way to get technical support. It streamlines the support request by asking key questions that will help save some going back in forth with the tech as well as assigning it directly to the tech assigned to that piece of technology even if it's not the tech that regularly visits your school. It gives you one place to submit tickets so that your tickets can be addressed without you needing to know if your assigned tech is sick or away. It also adds some accountability to the tech department on promptly responding to your issues and holds them in their queue until you are satisfied they're completed.

For urgent requests, calling your school assigned tech is still the best way to get the speediest response.

Accessing the Support Portal

  • Go to
  • Click Sign in in the top right corner
  • Sign in with your school district username or email address and district password

Creating A Ticket

  • Click Open a Ticket
  • Select the Help Topic that best describes your issue (working from the top of the list down)
    • Username / Password Issue - This is for any issues any usernames/passwords managed by School District 59 computer, servers and web services
    • Web Services - This is for any issues with Web Applications. Please keep in mind that aside from the listed Web Applications, others are only supported by SD59 for connectivity to the website and will probably be the extent
    • Network / Wireless - This is for connectivity issues and network jack changes.
    • Printing - This is for issues not being able to print or not having a printer listed that you need.
    • MyEducation BC - This is for any issues with MyEd. Anything from password resets to building reports
    • Apple App/Device Procurement - This is for purchasing Apple devices and pushing applications out to devices (staff/student/lab, etc)
    • Staff Computer Issue - This is for any issues that do not fall into any other category with your (or someone else's) staff computer
    • Student Computer Issue - This is for any issues related to classroom or computers assigned directly to students
    • Lab Computer Issue - This is for any issues related to lab computers in your school. Please include the lab location, if you have more than one.
    • General Inquiry - This is for anything else that is not covered in the above help topics. Keep in mind these will not necessarily go the correct person initially which may delay a response.

Please Note: School District 59 does not provide support for personal devices beyond providing a password to the guest wireless network.

You will be then asked a questions about your issue.

    • Issue Summary - This is a brief description of your issue.
    • Request Type
      • Incident - an unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service.
      • Service Request: a formal request from a user for something that they didn't have in the first place.
    • Your location - please include the location where the issue is located. If it's an issue with your staff computer that is not location specific and you work at multiple locations, include additional locations in the details.
    • Impact - how wide spread the issue is. Although, this relates to urgency, it is one factor in helping triage issues.
      • Couple of People (1-5ppl)
      • Entire Class (~30ppl)
      • Entire School (60+)
      • Entire District (300+)
    • Issue Details - Use this box to describe your issue. When appropriate please include an example. This will give us a specific test and will help your tech narrow down the issue.

There are some time additional questions below that are specific to the help topic.

  • Click Create Ticket

Updating a Ticket

You can access your ticket by

  • Clicking the link in an email to get to the ticket


  • Go to
  • Click sign in the top right corner
  • Use your district username or email address and password to login
  • Click Tickets on the top bar
  • Click on the ticket number or subject of the email to open it

You can reply back to the ticket to provide additional information or provide feedback.


You will receive an email when:

  • You create a ticket
  • When a ticket is created on your behalf
  • When a ticket is updated (notes added or status changed)

You also have the option to reply back to a ticket to a tech.